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We are on a mission to make it easy for businesses to pay salaries, taxes and invoices by revolutionising the payments system. We do this by granting any business the power to pay multiple suppliers at once without manually keying in details or the need for corporate banking.

Batch payments, supported by open banking technology, are the key to the future of this and we are working closely with all major UK banks to provide the best solutions and push the boundaries of open banking.

Comma Team outing

We’d love to tell you a story of how Comma was a light bulb coming on over Tom’s head and the rest is history. But the road to Comma was less of a 4-lane motorway and more of a treacherous mountain-pass.

Tom had already built one business, where he spent a lot of time wrestling with payroll and large payment runs. He assumed all businesses were like that. At least until he was recruited to head financial operations at a much larger corporation and found finance was an armchair ride by comparison.

A lightbulb flickered. How could he help small businesses to build the same slick processes that large businesses have?

One intern, thousands of calls, and hundreds of conversations with accountants later, it was clear there was a widespread issue in payments. The light bulb shone a bit brighter.

Did we mention this was 2020 and about the time when Corona and The Variants rode into town? Despite the pandemic and a shrinking bank account, Tom soldiered on stitching together a tapestry of open banking, accounting systems and a lot of code. He even worked a second 40-hour week at night as a tech consultant to US businesses, and poured his pay cheque straight into the business.

That was before he caught the eye of a group of some of the most prestigious seed investors writing cheques in London today. Goodbye 40-hour week side hustle. Hello big seed investment and a fully funded business plan.

The rest, as they say, is a magic button that pays bills, taxes and salaries for accountants and small businesses. It’s Comma.

Tom Beckenham

CEO & Founder

Gianluca Pengo

Chief Technical Officer

Josh Overton

Head of Design

Nicholas Adamou

Sales Development Lead

Laura Smith

Business Development

Calum Earwaker

Business Development
Katie Christer

Katie Christer

Business Development

Kaylee Sita

Business Development

Esther Hargreaves

Operations Manager

Dillon Erhardt

Software Engineer

Lloyd Gray

Software Engineer

Duarte Madueño

Software Engineer

Naga Varigonda

Quality Assurance

Suf Baileche

Head of Talent

Jake Wilson

Technical Talent Manager
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