Bulk payments through the power of open banking

Open banking bulk payments allow any sized business to access this functionality. Comma simplifies this process and makes it accessible to all.

Payroll made easy

Set up custom payments for payroll giving you the ability to bulk pay employees salaries, taxes and pension contributions all in one run.

Payments in a click

Comma pulls data from your account software, you select what needs paying and once authorised; we push payments in bulk through the bank via open banking, with no transaction fees.

As secure as the bank

Bank level security and verification is required for any payment to be initiated. Whether that's face ID on a mobile app or PIN sentry on a desktop.

Talks to your accounting software

After making payments through Comma mark bills as paid and push status updates directly back into your accounting software. Keeping everything in sync.

Import CSVPayment Run Desktop

Payroll made easy

Millions of businesses are looking for help paying their employees. To date it's been a time consuming process that business owners often leave until the last second. And when something goes wrong, left behind is a mess for accountants and bookkeepers to clean up!

With custom bulk payments, Comma removes the risk of errors and makes the process super simple for end users. You can upload what needs paying directly into Comma. All your client needs to do is review the run and initiate the payment directly to the desired accounts.

Payments in a click

Paying bills and invoices is super important to business owners, but also the last thing they want to spend their time doing. This is why more and more businesses want their bookkeepers to be agile and manage this process for them. Previously to do this, you needed access to the business bank accounts or to set up intermediary accounts. But not anymore.

Comma allows bookkeepers to prepare the payment run, add supplier details and share it with a client in minutes. All thats left to do for the account holder is to release the funds.

This can be done on the go in bulk by a scan of their face from the building site or logging into their bank on the train home.

Payment Run MobilePayment Run Desktop
Remaining Funds Zoom InPayment Run Desktop

As secure as the bank

When dealing with clients' money, it's imperative that everything is safe and secure. Comma works via open banking, allowing greater financial transparency but with the same level of security you would expect from the bank. For example; you are able to see account balances for linked accounts but no one can issue a payment without bank account access.

This allows bookkeepers and accountants to prepare and advise clients to the best of their ability, but without taking on any of the risk associated with setting up access to a clients account. Collaboration like this is what allows accountants to offer scalable services to clients without increasing the security procedures involved.

Talks to your accounting software

Comma is designed to work in synergy with your existing accounting software. You link your account such as Xero or QuickBooks and we pull all the existing information directly into Comma, including supplier account details, references, due dates and amounts owed.

When you make a payment in Comma everything is fed back to your accounting system to show you what you have paid, when and how much, keeping everything in order.

Accounting software animation

Additional information

Say goodbye to miskeys

Thanks to open banking, all payment details and amounts are pushed straight to the bank. Always pay the right person, the right amount!

Easy collaboration

Share payment runs instantly, whether that's to a partner, a client or someone who is part of the approval process internally to check things over before you send your payment.

Access on the go

Comma works on all your devices, start on your computer and pick up where you left off on your phone. Making payments has never been so easy.

Add custom payments

Have an ad hoc payment? Want to pay a contractor? You can import or add custom payments and create payment runs instantly, giving you complete flexibility in the tool.

What banks are supported?

We work with all the major UK banks:
Barclays, Clydesdale, Co-Op, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide, Natwest, Revolut, Santander, Starling, Tide, Allied Irish Bank Business, Monzo, Royal Bank of Scotland

For more information checkout our FAQs

What accounting software is supported?

We work with the following accounting software:
Xero, Sage 50, Sage Desktop, Sage One, Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Clearbooks, FreeAgent, Kashflow, MYOB

Don’t see yours on the list? Contact us at hello@usecomma.com

Don’t just take our word for it!

Comma provides a secure, streamlined process that speeds up every element along the way. It’s a win win.

Eamon McManus
McManus Williams

It closes the gap between banking systems & accounting software, enabling additional services for our clients.

Paul Meades
Meades Group

Comma helps to make payment runs more automated and efficient by utilising bulk payments and open banking.

Lisa Dickson

Comma are taking huge strides forward to provide solutions to SMBs that previously were only available to large corporate companies.

Gary Bell
FLB Chartered Accountants

Technology has benefited the customer no end. Comma helps us provide a better, more interactive service to our clients.

Andi Smith
AS Bookkeeping

Hugely impressed with the speed at which the product has been built, and how well it works

Lucy Smith
Digital Grads
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