Payments sorted without the heavy lifting

Using open banking technology, Comma simplifies the process of paying your bills, salaries, and taxes, powering up your business without the risk of dropping the ball.

Make payday a breeze

Custom payments for payroll lets you process salaries, taxes and pension contributions all at once. You can even future date the payment so you’re always ahead of the curve. Nice.

Goodbye red tape, hello Comma

We’ve given bulk payments a 21st century makeover. Comma fetches payment data, you select what needs to be paid, Comma makes payments from your account. No risk, no transaction fees.

We’d bet our house on it

We’ve gone full GCHQ on security. Whether it's face ID on a mobile app or PIN entry on a desktop, no-one gets into Comma unless you say so.

Friends with your accounting software

Comma doesn’t leave your accounting software in the dark. As soon as payments are made, Comma updates everything. All synced and good to go.

Import CSVPayment Run Desktop

Make payroll a breeze

It’s Friday. It’s Payday. It’s a pain in the arse.
Your client leaves it to the last minute and when the whole thing goes to hell in a handcart, guess who picks up the pieces. You’ve got it, the Accountants. 

Meanwhile, back in 2021, we’ve automated the whole thing. You can process salaries, taxes and pension contributions all in one place and it’s virtually impossible for you to get it wrong. When you’re ready, the business owner can approve it on the go whether they’re on a sunbed, at a seminar or in a Spa. And the best bit? You don't need any account access. It’s magic.

Goodbye red tape, hello Comma

Small ambitious businesses love the banking red tape that surrounds paying bills, taxes and staff. Said no one EVER. That’s why bills, invoices and taxes are usually side shuffled to the trusty accountant. But they’ll need their client’s bank account details. Risky eh? Not anymore.

Comma allows bookkeepers to sort a payment run and share it with their client in minutes. Approval can be made with their face ID, on the go and anywhere. Simple.

Payment Run MobilePayment Run Desktop
Remaining Funds Zoom InPayment Run Desktop

We’d happily bet our house on it

When it’s clients' money, we don’t settle for anything less than safe and secure. Open Banking to the rescue. You’ll get greater visibility without compromising security allowing you to see activity across linked accounts without having any access. 
All the visibility.

All of the advice. None of the risks.

Friends with your accounting software

Comma is designed to work in perfect harmony with your existing accounting software. Straight talking and smooth, we fetch all your accounting data directly into Comma.

Like good friends, always in sync.

Accounting software animation

Additional information

Farewell to fat fingers

Never overpay a bill again. Comma sends everything that’s needed straight to the bank for you. That typo that kept you awake at night, that’s a thing of the past.

Share and share alike

It doesn’t matter who needs to see it; maybe someone has to give it the green light before you send the money. Comma shares payment runs with anybody, anywhere, instantly. 

Where you go, Comma goes

Comma works on all your devices. Start on your computer and pick up where you left off using nothing but your phone and two nimble thumbs.

Flexible is our middle name

We love an impromptu payment. Whether it’s a contractor, setting up a custom payment or something out of the norm, Comma takes ad hoc payments in its stride.

What banks are supported?

We work with all the major UK banks:
Barclays, Clydesdale, Co-Op, Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds, Nationwide, Natwest, Revolut, Santander, Starling, Tide, Allied Irish Bank Business, Monzo, Royal Bank of Scotland

For more information checkout our FAQs

What accounting software is supported?

We work with the following accounting software:
Xero, Sage 50, Sage Desktop, Sage One, Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Clearbooks, FreeAgent, Kashflow, MYOB

Don’t see yours on the list? Contact us at

Don’t just take our word for it!

Comma provides a secure, streamlined process that speeds up every element along the way. It’s a win win.

Eamon McManus
McManus Williams

It closes the gap between banking systems & accounting software, enabling additional services for our clients.

Paul Meades
Meades Group

For us, Comma has been the perfect solution for speedy payments. Allowing for bulk payments for review through a link and a couple of clicks.

Manish Mak
Formula Media

Comma are taking huge strides forward to provide solutions to SMBs that previously were only available to large corporate companies.

Gary Bell
FLB Chartered Accountants

Technology has benefited the customer no end. Comma helps us provide a better, more interactive service to our clients.

Andi Smith
AS Bookkeeping

With the help of Comma payment system, you can achieve a one-click-payment-done result!

Kitty Smith
KS Virtual Assistant
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