Bulk pay the boring stuff

A safe and secure app that pays bills, taxes and salaries for accountants and small businesses. Click once, pay everyone.

Introducing Comma, the UK’s first bulk payment system for the small guys.

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The missing payment link

Comma connects your favourite accounting system to UK bank accounts

Comma provides a secure, streamlined process that speeds up every element along the way. It’s a win win.

Eamon McManus
McManus Williams

It closes the gap between banking systems & accounting software, enabling additional services for our clients.

Paul Meades
Meades Group

For us, Comma has been the perfect solution for speedy payments. Allowing for bulk payments for review through a link and a couple of clicks.

Manish Mak
Formula Media

Comma are taking huge strides forward to provide solutions to SMBs that previously were only available to large corporate companies.

Gary Bell
FLB Chartered Accountants

Technology has benefited the customer no end. Comma helps us provide a better, more interactive service to our clients.

Andi Smith
AS Bookkeeping

With the help of Comma payment system, you can achieve a one-click-payment-done result!

Kitty Smith
KS Virtual Assistant
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Magic, Marvellous, Money...

Focus on making some more and growing your business, while your salaries, bills and taxes are taken care of by your accountant with one click of one button.

They won’t need to access your bank account, or guess the name of your first pet. It’s all done and dusted in a second.


The magic of numbers

You live in a world of numbers, so here’s a big one. A trillion. That’s the amount of money transferred each year by small businesses for invoices and payroll. 

Now here’s a small number? Less than one per cent. That’s the number of small businesses that have access to corporate banking which could automate this in a moment. 

What about zero? That’s how many accountancy firms want to carry the risk of offering a outsourced payment service

It all adds up to a lot of banking bullshit and we’re here to change it.

Accountants using Comma mobile logosAccountants using Comma Logos

Pay your clients in seconds

Onboard your clients and set up automated payment runs that work for you both, without the usual red tape, mandates and virtual accounts.

Your client stays in control

No risk, all reward. You suggest the payment run but your client is the ultimate decision maker in the process. They review, make any edits and pay the run all in minutes.

Besties with your accountancy software

Once Comma joins up with your accountancy software they’re besties for life. Bills are marked as paid and status updates are synced between the two. Synergy.

The most chilled approval process

Share payment runs instantly and easily with clients or colleagues. No more endless email chains. Just simplistic bliss. Zen.

Access anywhere

All devices, anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re mixing cement on site or enjoying a well earned break on the beach. Start at home on your computer, pick up later on your phone.

All for one and one for all

Multiple payments in one place. Salaries, invoices, expenses, taxes, everything! We don’t discriminate. We take care of it all with one button.

We speak CSV

Sometimes you’re just too busy to set up a new payment in your accounting software. Don’t stress, just give us your CSV and we’ll take care of the rest.

Zero transaction fees

Yes, that's nada, zilch, absolutely nothing. Whether that’s £1 or £100k there’s no transaction fees for sending payments from Comma. Ever. 

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