Bulk pay the boring stuff.

Paying bills, taxes and salaries is the most tedious thing a small business can do. Their accountant wasn’t able to help - until now.

Introducing Comma, the UK’s first bulk payment system for the small guys.

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The missing payment link

Comma connects your favourite accounting system to UK bank accounts

Comma provides a secure, streamlined process that speeds up every element along the way. It’s a win win.

Eamon McManus
McManus Williams

It closes the gap between banking systems & accounting software, enabling additional services for our clients.

Paul Meades
Meades Group

Comma helps to make payment runs more automated and efficient by utilising bulk payments and open banking.

Lisa Dickson

Comma are taking huge strides forward to provide solutions to SMBs that previously were only available to large corporate companies.

Gary Bell
FLB Chartered Accountants

Technology has benefited the customer no end. Comma helps us provide a better, more interactive service to our clients.

Andi Smith
AS Bookkeeping

Hugely impressed with the speed at which the product has been built, and how well it works

Lucy Smith
Digital Grads
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Bulk pay bills, salaries, taxes... anything!

From painful to painless. Comma gives you the ability to bulk pay bills, salaries and taxes in a click without the need for corporate banking.

Thanks to advancements in open banking, accountants can now assist clients in making payments without needing access to bank accounts.

Accountants love
using Comma

You and your clients are constantly wasting time paying business expenses. Whether it’s keying in supplier details, triple checking invoice amounts or just struggling to find the time in the day to do it. Guess what, you are not alone, so do millions of others! 

Using advancements in open banking we have managed to automate this process, saving businesses hours every week. There is no need to set up additional bank accounts, no more miskeys, no more hassle!

Accountants using Comma mobile logosAccountants using Comma Logos

Onboard all your clients in seconds

Set up payment runs outside the bank, there is no need to be added to the mandate or set up a virtual account.

Your client stays in control

No risk, all reward. You suggest the payment run but your client is the ultimate decision maker in the process.

Talks to your accounting software

Comma marks bills as paid and pushes status updates directly back into your accounting software. Keeping everything in sync.

Easy collaboration

Share payment runs instantly, whether that's to a client or someone who is part of the approval process internally.

Access on the go

Comma works on all your devices, start on your computer and pick up where you left off on your phone.

Pay multiple payees in one click

Pay all your payments in one go, be that salaries, invoices, expenses or more. Simply set up your payment run and click pay.

Import CSV files

Have a payment run to make that's not stored in your accounting software? Simply upload it as a CSV file into Comma.

No transaction fees

0% transaction fees. Forever. Never pay for sending payments from Comma whether its £1 or £100,000.

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Comma featured on App Advisory Plus

Proud to be featured and listed on the App Advisory Plus directory. Just another example of the growing recognition of our revolutionary bulk payment platform.

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